Step 2 – Claim PDUs for Reading Books

You can claim up to 60 of the required 60 PDUs for non-REP activities including reading books related to project management. We recommend reading books for half of your required PDUs for the following reasons:

  • you can earn the PDUs quickly without going to a classroom or online;
  • you can choose whatever project management-related book interests you and skip any parts that are not useful;
  • it is easy to meet the requirement for 8 PDUs in each of the Technical Skills, Leadership, and Strategic/Business* areas so you don’t have to worry about these requirements for your other PDUs;
  • books and e-books are freely available from public libraries and other sources;
  • in our experience, PMI does not push back or audit your list of books if it has a relevant project management-related title and description; and
  • if your PDU claim is audited, it is easy to provide reading notes from your books as evidence of your PDU activity, even if you forgot to make notes at the time;
  • you likely have already read some PM-related books since the time you were last (re-)certified and can claim 1 PDU for each hour of reading.

* the 3 subject areas of PMI’s Talent Triangle have been re-named: Ways of Working (previously Technical Project Management), Power Skills (previously Leadership), and Business Acumen (previously Strategic and Business Management).

You can claim the hours you read for any project management-related book/e-book — they don’t need to be pre-approved by PMI. Click here for some suggestions to get you started.

Pro-Tip: based on our experience, we do not recommend claiming PDUs for other self-directed learning activities such as reading websites due to the increased likelihood of push-back or audit.

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