How to speed up videos for earning PMP PDUs

There are lots of great sites with videos for earning PMP PDUs. My favorite free videos are these ones because if you log in with your account, you will get pre-approved PDUs just for watching (no quizzes!).

Here’s a neat trick to speed up the video if the pace is too slow. You’ll still earn one PDU for each hour of video, so if you watch or listen to it at an increased speed, for ethical reasons, you should use the time you save for deeper thinking about the subject.

So if the pace of an online video is too slow or too fast you might want to try the steps outlined below. You can speed up or slow down video and audio to go at the pace you want. I like to watch almost all videos at about 1.5x speed (50% faster). But if the speaker has a really slow tempo or the material is very basic, I’ll speed it up to as much as 4x speed, then slow it down again for the more important parts. 

These steps work for almost any online video on a modern website that uses the standard video player that is built into HTML5. The HTML5 video player in your browser has speed controls that sites such as often hide from you. The easiest way to make the video speed controls visible again is to install a plug-in/extension to your browser. 

I currently use the free plug-in “Video Speed Controller” for the Chrome browser. At the time I wrote this post, the latest version (by igrigorik) was 0.50 and it had an average rating of 4.5/5 from over 1300 reviews. Note: the plug-in seemed to work great for me, but use any software at your own risk.

If you know of any similar tools for other browsers or have other tricks that can help PMPs be more productive, please email [email protected] let me know!