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How to speed up videos for earning PMP PDUs

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Do I need to earn my PDUs from PMI Registered Education Providers?

Earning your PDUs from PMI REPs (Registered Education Providers) has pros and cons compared to earning PDUs from other sources. One benefit of PDUs from REPs is that if a REP course or video is listed in the registered activities database in PMI’s CCRS, then the PDUs from that activity are pre-approved by PMI. The only documentation you will need is your certificate of completion for the course/video. […]

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How I renew my PMP using only free PDUs for PMP recertification

How I renew my PMP using only free PDUs for PMP recertification

Here’s how I use only free PDUs for PMP recertification to renew my PMP® every 3 years. I don’t waste time or money paying for more unneeded PDU courses. I get enough real-world professional development and learning from the awesome projects and people I work with. But to renew my PMP, I need to document that I’ve earned certain types of PDUs following PMI’s rules. The PMP renewal rules are complicated, which results in many PMPs paying […]

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