How I renew my PMP using only free PDUs for PMP recertification

Here’s how I use only free PDUs for PMP recertification to renew my PMP® every 3 years. I don’t waste time or money paying for more unneeded PDU courses. I get enough real-world professional development and learning from the awesome projects and people I work with. But to renew my PMP, I need to document that I’ve earned certain types of PDUs following PMI’s rules. The PMP renewal rules are complicated, which results in many PMPs paying for unneeded training courses. But paying for unneeded training wastes a lot of time and money. I earn all my PDUs for free and renew my PMP easily in a few weeks (or less). And even though I could claim more PDUs from my volunteer work or sharing PM knowledge, I don’t bother claiming these as there are far easier ways to claim PDUs.

The only tricky part to renewing your PMP is:

  • understanding PMI’s various rules and categories of PDUs;
  • carefully documenting your PDU claims to avoid push-back or auditing from PMI;
  • finding, earning, and claiming useful PDUs without wasting your precious time, money, or brain power.

So if you are want to avoid wasting time and money on your PMP recertification, we can show you a better way to do it. We’ll let you know about how you can easily earn all you need to meet the 60 PDU requirement without paying for courses. Read more about simplifying your PMP renewal process or sign up for our free PMP renewal tips by email. Or you can purchase RenewPM™ and we’ll help take care of your renewal for you and email you any materials you need to earn the required PDUs.

Let’s make the PMP recertification process a little more useful and a whole lot easier!

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